• 17.06.2011

    Dnes v bývalém Kostele v Michalský ul. točím desky od 01 - 03 hod. Jako hosté Matouš Kobylka - sax , Hynek Obst - keyboard....takže trochu life jam.

  • 09.05.2011

    I would like to introduce you to a project called Hu2Hu (, facebook: hu2hu)

    There you'll find a few demo songs and Information. So check it out :-)

  • 01.05.2011

    I welcome you all to a brand new website about which I am really happy. I think I succeeded and I hope that you will like it. Of course, over time and in the near future there will be more and more things to check out, but for now you will find new pictures (pictures thanks to, and also some audio and video. So browse and enjoy!

  • 27.04.2011

    Vitám Vás všechny na zbrusu nových stránkách, ze kterých mám opravdu radost. Myslím, že se povedly a věřím, že se budou líbit. Samozřejmě, postupně zde budou přibývat další a další věci, ale již nyní zde např. naleznete nové fotky (pictured by, a také nějaká audia i video. Tak brouzdejte a bavte se.



Burma Jones I
Burma Jones II
Burma Jones III
Děda Mladek Illegal Band I
Děda Mladek Illegal Band II
Děda Mládek Illegal Band – Kdopa nám to hrál
Mersi – M
Děda Mládek Illegal Band – Bobr
Tamar McLeod Sinclair - The Heart Notes
Work,Shop and More - Many Faces



17.6. Praha @ Kostel start 01:00
24.6. Praha @ Chapeau Rouge ( noc Radia1 ) start 23:30
04.7. K.Vary @ FooPaa ( MFF ) start 22:00
05.7. Praha @ Wakata start 22:00
26.7. Praha @ Chapeau Rouge start 22:00
30.9. Praha @ Chapeau Rouge start 22:00


Mersi was drawn to music at the age of five by his parents when he started playing the piano. At the age of ten, he started playing the drums and his future was decided. He started playing with his first band at the age of thirteen and he has been playing ever since. While studying drums and piano at music school, he played the drums with the band Burma Jones.

After five years he left and founded his own funk band called Mercy Street. Since 1998 he has been playing in the band Deda Mladek Illegal Band. Besides the CD’s of these bands, he came out with his own disc called MERSI which was produced by Jan Klenik (Ohm Square), also contributed to by Dara Rolins, Charlie One and Laurant Webb from the English band Wubble U.

He has been DJ-ing and producing since 2006. He focuses on breakbeat with touches of funk and jazz. As of late, he has also incorporated swing house and funky breaks. Turntablism is another of Mersi´s terrific "discipline." Scratch and beat juggling in its administration can ramp up any party.

As he says, he tries to combine dance music and samples with live instruments. Often he invites other musicians to join in his gigs. I tis then possible to differentiate him from other dj’s by improvisation of live instruments and turntables.

Genres: Funky Breaks, Mash-ups, Breakbeat, Electro Swing

Influence: A.Skills, Krafty Kuts, QBert, Dj Angelo, Grandmaster Flash

Absolvent BLACKPOINT Dj school in London ( supervisor dj 2Tall )